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The Veil Of Separation

There is a veil that separates earth from the spirit realms. To most of us, this veil seems impenetrable. It seems to block us from direct, conscious contact with Spirit. So we often refer to it as “the veil of separation.”

There is no actual curtain, wall, door, or mist that exists between us and Spirit. The veil is a parable or figure of speech that represents the belief that we are separated from Spirit…. It is an illusion that was created for various reasons of which only perhaps our Creators can know. But even though, it is an illusion, which holds our perception of physical reality in place. Most of us still believe the physical “reality” is the only reality that exists, because the veil blocks our view of the spirit realms that lie beyond it.

The veil blocks our memories of previous incarnations. That is why we sometimes call it "the veil of forgetfulness." Because of the veil, we can't remember our Parent Creators, our past lives after incarnating. We can't remember what life is like for us in between physical incarnations when we dwell in the spirit realms. We can’t remember who or what we really are. We can't remember the real reason we came to the physical world. Since we can't remember these things, we exist on earth as lost without a map.

Some individuals believe the veil must be preserved. They say that access to Spirit might be dangerous for us, and any connection through from “the other side” could expose us to the threat of evil spirits, black magic, and witchcraft. Others claim that the veil keeps duality fixed firmly in place and that we need duality for spiritual growth here in the physical earthly world. 

The separation of physical and spiritual realities is just one example of duality. The veil, it is said, keeps us from being distracted by whatever  lies beyond it and helps us stay focused instead on the work we came to accomplish or complete here in the physical world.

The veil’s penetrability varies from person to person and for each of us over time. This is so because each of us has achieved and continues to achieve different levels of spiritual growth. This is why some people have been able to gain greater access to the spirit realms than others.

How To Penetrate The Veil

Few individuals believe that penetrating the veil is an easy undertaking. However, it is possible to do so.

Individuals can walk in both the physical world and the spirit realms, maintaining a viable relationship with angels, guides, friends, and loved ones who dwell in Spirit. We can relate to them just as we do with friends and family here in the physical earth world. 

This is not only possible – but is normal and natural to do so, because we ourselves are spiritual beings, even if we are temporarily encased in physical bodies.

There are various ways to penetrate the veil. Millions of people have had near-death experiences in which they passed over temporarily but were revived and returned to tell us about their experiences.

We do not have to perish physically to make contact with “the other side.” There are other less drastic means such as out-of-body experiences, meditation, visualization, hypnosis, mediumship or channeling, after-death communications with loved ones, and automatic writing. 

Many people are surprised to learn that we leave our physical bodies every night and travel beyond the veil to the spirit realms when we are dreaming.

The veil seems to have become thinner now, and many individuals are gaining access to “the other side” which seems to be easier than before. It is believed that this is a result of our accelerated spiritual growth in recent years -- along with our desire to create a closer relationship with Spirit and our faithful adherence to spiritual practices such as prayers and meditation.

As the veil thins so will our feelings of separation from Spirit dissolve. Meanwhile, our ability to see beyond the veil and even travel beyond it will have progressed.

Benefits Of Penetrating The Veil

We can benefit enormously when we are able to penetrate the veil separating us from Spirit. Here are some of the specific ways individuals can benefit:

We can remember our Parents Creators of all called God

We can remember our past lives and the lessons we learned during our past lives. We can then apply these lessons to improve our current life.

We can re-discover the lessons we pre-planned for our current life while still in Spirit before incarnating this time. 

We can contact loved ones who have already transitioned back to the other side.

We can meet our spirit guides to receive their advice and encouragement. 

We can learn there is no real reason to fear anything here in the physical earthly world, including misfortune, accidents, illness, or even death of our physical bodies.

We can re-discover that life on “the other side” is just as real, if not more real, than life here in the physical world. And it is vastly more beautiful.

We can discover that we are, in fact, spiritual beings and that our real home lies in the spirit realms. We come repeatedly to the physical world for brief lifetimes that amount to little more than a flash in the pan.

We can achieve enlightenment by discovering the truth that lies beyond the veil. Once we achieve enlightenment, we may no longer need to reincarnate again and again into this “valley of tears” -- this physical world with its pain and sorrows.

We can finally know for certain that this physical world is an illusion, just as the veil itself is an illusion, because we are not, and never have been, genuinely separated from Spirit.

The veil will lift when an individual no longer needs to learn from it. When the belief in separation from Spirit ends.

Your greatest gift you can give yourself is to reconnect your soul with its divine partner your ‘Higher Self'. To gain this beautiful gift you will need to open your heart to giving and receiving love…


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